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Entry #2

Arctic Christmas

2011-10-14 12:12:06 by IAmSean63

Merry Christmas!
The snow has been falling all night long and Newgrounds is now covered in snow, both inside and out! Each day this Christmas you will See a new Flash About the Christmas fever, Best. Christmas. Ever.

Arctic Wonderland
During December Newgrounds is full of frozen festivities We have a whole month of games, activities and competitions for you to enjoy! Check out the Newgrounds Christmas Loader and then create your own winter wonderland. Be sure to check back each day to find out the latest news.

Arctic Christmas


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2011-11-22 16:09:13

this seems a little too jolly for you, looking at your previous animations


2011-12-27 01:06:45

You suck, MAG hank does not look like Justin biebers aborted child, your just a, your just a big stupid head... WAAAAAHH!!!